The Martha’s Vineyard Writer’s Residency was created to provide writer’s with the time and space to create. Each April/May, September/October writers of various genres convene in a former whaling captain’s home on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Residencies run 2-6 weeks April 1-May 15th and September 16-October 31st.  It is our hope that this magical setting will inspire wonderful writing.  In 2014, Martha’s Vineyard Writers Residency was named one of the top 20 residencies in the United States.

The Martha’s Vineyard Writers Residency is held at Noepe Center which, thanks to Claudia Miller–a Vineyard artist and philanthropist–provides writers with time and space to work, commune, attend readings, author talks and craft workshops in the heart of Edgartown, Ma.  It is Ms. Miller’s belief that artists sharing their ideas and work leads to positive change in the world. She has generously donated this space for creative individuals to gather in and share themselves.

Noepe founder and Director, Justen Ahren  first approached Ms. Miller in 2007 with the idea of dedicating part of the year to fostering the works of writers by providing residencies.  Mr. Ahren, a poet, wanted to bring off-island writers to Martha’s Vineyard in order to facilitate a larger writing community.  To date MVWR has hosted over 300 writers.

In 2013, Noepe added week-long writing workshops to its programming and hosts readings, dinners and authors talks at the centers Main Street, Edgartown loction.

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